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Location: Innisfil, Ontario

Favourite animal to hunt: I can't pick just one, so I'm going with geese & deer

Favourite fish to target: Lake trout and bass

Dream fishing trip: Deep sea fishing

Firearm of choice: Mossberg 12 ga semi-auto & Mossberg Patriot .308 Bolt Action

Dream hunting or fishing trip: Big Horn Sheep in BC & Elk in Alberta

How/why did you get into the outdoors?: I was reintroduced to the outdoors a few years back and it feels like I couldn’t be without it now. I have had amazing experiences and built many friendships which hunting and the outdoors are responsible for and for that I am grateful. My most memorable experience is hard to pinpoint but rather an overall enjoyment for waterfowl and big game hunting. Fishing to me is not only a passion but a very much mental solace from our day to day.

I've taken my love of hunting and transformed it into a passion and career that has been amplified by the fondness to be self-reliant. I've been fortunate to have joined forces with other likeminded women in the industry and continue to grow; as well and attend events such as trade shows and seminars.

I have always had a desire to help educate other women and have a strong belief that more women will become involved in hunting and  the great outdoors once the "boys club" stigma is removed by more involvement and education for women participants.​​



Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Favourite animal to hunt: Geese & ducks

Favourite fish to target: Any one that bites my line

Firearm of choice: Benelli M2

Dream hunting or fishing trip: Axis deer in Hawaii and King Eider in Alaska 

Favourite hunting or fishing experience: Hands down would be my daughter and I’s first hunting season. She took the morning off school and by 7:30 we bagged our turkey, then she was back to school by lunch.

How/why did you get into the outdoors?: I am often asked why and how I got into hunting. This is my story: Growing up I was bullied a lot and teased. One day I was told I was weak, fat and ugly. Kids are so cruel. These kids left huge scars, even to this day. One day I started doing things to help my self-esteem and lift my head up again. I started modelling to help me believe that I’m not ugly, I started lifting weights to prove that I’m strong, then I got into hunting to prove that I’m not weak and I can stand up against those who say I can’t…. In all aspects of life. With hunting it’s considered an exclusive boys club to many and just because they say I can’t, doesn’t mean it’s true. “Anything you can do I can do  better”. Hunting to me is a passion, and a mission to get our voice in women and hunting heard. Hunting is life.



 Location: Dorset, Ontario

Favourite animal to hunt: Bear & goose

Favourite fish to target: Lake trout

Firearm of choice:12 ga pump action 

Favourite hunting or fishing experience: The first year I moose hunted three bears were harvested and nobody wanted to field dress them. My husband and someone else did the first two and I stepped up to do the third, the biggest one. Having no experience, I did the best I could. Back at the camp I skinned my first bears. Later that night my husband told me I earned a lot of respect from the other hunters because nobody out of a group of men would step up to dress and skin those bears. 

How/why did you get into the outdoors?: I grew up fishing with my uncle and stuck with it into adulthood. It wasn’t until more recent years that it became an obsession. As far as hunting, I’ve only been doing it since 2017 and I wasn’t really into it at first. Once I started doing it more I fell in love with it. I love putting in the work to scout and bait, spending time with friends at the hunt camp and harvesting an animal, whether it’s me or someone else, it’s an exciting feeling knowing you were a part of it in some way. 



Location: Plainfield, Ontario 

Favourite animal to hunt: Deer 

Favourite fish to target: Bass 

Firearm of choice: Mossberg 20 ga  

Dream hunting trip: A moose hunt up north 

Dream fishing trip: Salmon fishing somewhere! 

Favourite hunting or fishing experience:  My favourite hunting experience was when I shot my first buck. It wasn’t even the harvesting of the animal, it was the fact my family came out to see my harvest and celebrated with me. Not only did I shoot my first buck on November 8th I shot my second one the morning after, on November 9th.

How/why did you get into the outdoors?:  I have loved being outdoors since I was a child. We didn’t really have a choice, but I wasn’t complaining. It started off with walks in the woods (we lived in the country 400 ft off the road) then as I got older my cousins started hunting and we were ALWAYS into what they were doing. For sure they got annoyed with us always asking to come with them. Then we got to the age where we could get our hunting licence we were all for it. I remember my brother and I taking the test together in an old fire hall in Ivanhoe. Fast forward 7 years waiting in a stand and learning new things every year. I was able to harvest my first buck the day after my brother harvested his first buck. My family have been hunting for years, so I guess you could say “ it’s in my blood”

It’s not always easy being a huntress in this outdoors community. Canadian Huntress brand has allowed me to really stand out and show what I can do as a female hunter, in a predominantly male community. Being a female hunter is something that I take very seriously and hope to pass onto my children one day.  Not only do we as women have a right to be hunters, but yes, sorry men, some of us do hunt better than you. 


 Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Favourite animal to hunt: EVERYTHING... Whitetail & Mule Deer, Bear..

Favourite fish to target: Walleye & Burbot

Firearm of choice: My compound Bow but I have a lot of fun with my Savage 22-250.

Favourite hunting or fishing experience: *All of them, really!*  My 2019 archery whitetail season is one for the books. I harvested a massive Saskatchewan non typocal whitetail. Net scoring 233 2/8, it is the largest non-typical whitetail ever arrowed by a female in the world.  The hunting experience is 2nd only to me taking my Mom out to harvest her first Whitetail ever! The day before the hunt, I took her to the range where she fired her first ever shot, it looked good so she said she didn’t want to, waste the good ones and she was ready to go out the next morning. We spotted a buck coming across an open field and would cross my mom at about 25 yards. He had no idea we were there. She was going to fire from a kneeling position but buck fever kicked in. I kept yelling at a whisper “ shot mom, shoot”, she looked at me and said she couldn’t because she was shaking so bad. I reminded her to take a breath and steady herself all well the buck decided to stop dead in front of us. BANG, the shot was good and the buck was down. One of the coolest moments and one that I will never forget. 

How/why did you get into the outdoors?: Dad hunted for substance growing up but it was never something he took his 5 daughters to do with him (we did all go once). We grew up eating venison and Dad always had a good hunting story when he came home. We were all so fascinated watching mom and dad process the deer in the garage. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I decided to take my love for the outdoors and go on a new adventure. I wanted to be able to provide for her as well as show her the strength as a woman, we are not limited by labels and can wear the hat that we choose. The first time I shot a bow, the draw length was 30 (I’m a 26) and the poundage was way to high… never the less, I hit that target and fell in love with the feeling I got when I let that arrow buck. I am now on a quest not just to provide for my daughter but to break trail, create traditions and instill all that encompasses the huntress lifestyle.  




Canadian Huntress