Responsibilities As A Hunter

In Ontario you're required to take a Hunter Education Program course - - before you're allowed to hunt. The course teaches you about:

  • ecosystems and wildlife management

  • hunting laws and regulations

  • hunter responsibilities

  • identification, biology, management of and hunting techniques for big game, small game and waterfowl.

  • hunting and survival equipment

  • the hunter’s role in society.

What you do once you get your license is all on you. The Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary is available online and in print - you can even download it to your phone as a quick reference guide when you're in the field and just aren't sure. Apps like iHunter are great too, showing you Crown land and what seasons are open in which WMU.

We've all seen North Woods Law where the guy claims he "didn't know" the rules, and thinks it's a good enough excuse, when actually, that is a TERRIBLE excuse! It is always, always, always your responsibility as a hunter to make sure you're obeying the laws. Which brings up my next question...

Is it your responsibility as an INFLUENCER to make sure people follow the rules?

While your role as an influencer is to influence people, at the end of the day, you cannot be held responsible for the actions of others. When posting that you're going out for early-season goose, you DO NOT need to specify which WMU you are hunting in. It is the responsibility of the hunter to check their local regulations to see if the season is open where they are. Just like with secret fishing spots, not everyone wants to share their hunting location, and that's fine. If you see Jimmy in northern Ontario shooting geese on his Instagram story, do you research, find out if the season is open where you are and don't assume it is. It's also not a good idea to PM Jimmy in northern Ontario calling him out on his "mistake" of not identifying his WMU. If you make a mistake in the field, you are the only person to blame.

I ask a lot of questions and I've been given some wrong information by people who have been hunting their whole lives, so having a copy of the Regulations handy really is a good idea. If you aren't sure, look it up and possibly save yourself a lot of grief later on. If you see someone doing something wrong, politely point it out, but never put them down. There's so much bullying happening these days, even in the outdoors community, and especially between women. Let's try to build each other up, not put us down. We want to grow this sport, not tear it apart.

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