Canadian Huntress® is a women's lifestyle brand built on our belief in confidence, heritage, and conservation. 

We are a community where women can share their hunting and outdoor adventures with confidence and without judgement. Allowing them to pass down their knowledge to the next generation building up the courage of the upcoming youth venturing into this hunting society. 

We at Canadian Huntress®, pride ourselves in being part of the evolution of women in hunting and the outdoor community, once a stigma of being a male only community and society.

We are advocates for a positive voice for hunting, fishing, trapping and the outdoors as a whole for women throughout Canada. Canadian Huntress® as a brand is not just a ‘status quo’ portrayal of the female hunting community commonly depicted on TV and current media outlets. We at Canadian Huntress® are here to assist in the evolution of the women’s outdoor society while encouraging others to join in part. Canadian Huntress® is not a brand of one but rather a brand supporting all Canadian women with the desire to learn and become the outdoors women they aspire to be.

Although I personally didn't start hunting at a young age, I've found great passion in the self-reliance that comes with the lifestyle and that passing the heritage along will enrich others.

Dana Murray 
Founder & Owner